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Project Focus By State
The three East Coast States and the District of Mersing each has its own distinctive defining quality and at the same time they are united by many common characteristics. These features will determine the unique developmental approach necessary to capitalise on its existing economic activities, resource base and inherent strengths.


State Positioning: Trading & Human Capital Development

  • Human Capital Development
    Kelantan will focus on human capital development, in line with the state’s recognition of the rakyat (citizen) as a key resource and the engine of economic growth. A major education hub will be created in Kota Bharu-Bachok with the establishment of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) which will also have a branch campus in Jeli, in addition to Universiti Teknologi MARA's (UiTM) campus in Machang. 

  • Tourism
    The development of Kota Bharu City Centre (KBCC) will complement the existing urban fabric by creating a vibrant and dynamic waterfront which showcases its life and culture while developing visual and recreational amenity of the river. Cross border towns such as Pengkalan Kubor, Rantau Panjang and Bukit Bunga, makes the state important towards cross border tourism and trading.
  • Agriculture
    Kelantan specialises in fish-based activities, leveraging its existing abundant resources in marine capture as well as focusing on downstream activities such as processing, packaging and distribution activities. The Tok Bali Integrated Fisheries Park in Jajahan Paser Puteh will be developed in an integrated and sustainable manner completing the whole value-chain and value-creation for fisheries industries from fish landing up to a premium grade consumer table food products. To uplift the product quality of local cottage fish-based food producers, a Collection,  Processing and Packaging Centre (CPPC) has been developed in Pengkalan Kubor.  
  • Manufacturing
    Kelantan manufacturing cluster will concentrate fish-based products manufacturing (Integrated Fisheries Park in Tok Bali) and poultry production (Gua Musang & Jeli). It will also focus on the development of halal food and products manufacturing, centred in Pasir Mas.
  • Infrastructure & Transport
    Primary roadworks is to widen existing federal roads on the Central Spine from Kuala Krai to Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis. Phase III of the East Coast Expressway will be built to link Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu while facilities upgrading of Pengkalan Kubor Integrated Border Gateway to Thailand will be upgraded. In addition, a plan to upgrade the status and facilities at the Kota Bharu Airport will see it turned into a Regional Airport. To improve healthcare, hospitals will be constructed in Jeli, Bachok and Kuala Krai. Flood mitigation will be carried out with the construction of the Lebir Dam.
  • Environment
    Conservation of the environment will occur with the development of new state parks (Nenggiri and Gunung Stong). Sustainable and safe development in environmentally sensitive areas such as Lojing Highlands are being planned and monitored.
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