Environmental Policy

ECERDC attaches utmost importance to safeguarding the Region’s environmental quality and resolutely subscribes to the principles of sustainable development based on the preservation and conservation of the environment, contribution of the environment to society and the creation of economic value.

Environmental strategies drawn up for ECER are based on the Fourth Thrust of the National Mission, which is to improve the standard and sustainability of the quality of life, and to ensure that the development activities in the Region are undertaken in a sustainable manner. As such, the natural resources in ECER will be utilised wisely within the framework of socio-economic viability so as to meet the needs of today’s society, while respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

ECERDC is committed to:

  • Maintain and preserve areas of environmental importance and of high conservation value and to realise their own distinctive socioeconomic potential so as to facilitate learning and appreciation of their sites and to ensure that natural resources are not depleted
  • Establish and implement a conscientious system of environmental management for effective protection of the environment in all our project initiatives
  • Identify and adhere to all environmental laws, regulations and contractual requirements applicable to our projects
  • Advocate the adoption of clean technologies to promote optimisation and sustainability in the use of natural resources
  • Undertake necessary actions for waste management and pollution prevention and efficiently manage any adverse environmental impact at all our project sites
  •  Cultivate environmental awareness amongst all employees and provide adequate training on matters pertaining to environmental protection and management