ECER’ s rich resources has enabled the Region to be a competitive manufacturing destination. It has an abundance of opportunities
for investors in the manufacturing industries.The Manufacturing cluster’ s focus is to build on linkages with existing resources and forge new ones. A number of locations within the ECER have been earmarked for the establishment of several major industrial initiatives.


Pekan Automotive Park (PAP)
PAP focuses on high value-added manufacturing, with emphasis on premium and alternative technology vehicles.
Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP)
MCKIP targets high end industries from not only China and Malaysia, but also from other parts of the world.
Gambang Halal Park
Gambang Halal Park is an integrated halal industry park that focuses on producing high value downstream food and non-food based halal products.
Pasir Mas Halal Park
Pasir Mas Halal Park is designed to produce high-value downstream halal food product such as nutraceuticals, herbs, spices and meat-based halal products.
Kemaman Heavy Industry Park
Kemaman Heavy Industry Park focuses on Heavy Machinery and Equipment (HM&E), support engineering industries to help transform the local economy.