The agropolitan project has given me a stable source of income and made life better with good housing.

- Abdul Malek bin Awang Kecil, Pekan Agropolitan, Batu 8, Lepar -

With my stable monthly income, I have been able to buy a vehicle and open an ASB account.

- Norhizam bin Rahmat, Pekan Agropolitan, Runchang -

I am thankful for being selected as a participant as I not only benefit from the project but also from various courses that helps me improve my skills.

- Nazliza binti Kamis, Pekan Agropolitan, Tanjung Batu -

I am grateful because there have been many benefits since I became a participant of the South Kelantan Agropolitan. Previously, my income was just enough to put food on the table. Now, I earn about RM1,000 to RM1,200 a month. In addition to living in a comfortable home, I have also been able to buy a motorcycle that makes it more convenient for me to send my children to school.

- Nik Abdullah bin Muhammad, South Kelantan Agropolitan -