For The Rakyat


MDMaran_10The former Lembaga Kemajuan Pahang Tenggara (DARA) and Lembaga Kemajuan Wilayah Jengka (JENGKA) areas have been identified as one of ECER’s seven focus nodes. Under the Special Fund initiative established by the Federal Government in 2010, ECERDC is reviving the two areas with the objective of improving the physical environment, making it more conducive to live and pursue economic activities.The Dara and LKWJ consist of six areas namely Jerantut, Maran, Pekan, Rompin , Bera and Temerloh. The developments implemented in the six areas consist of infrastructure & upgrading of community facilities, maintenance, kampung tradisi and strategic projects.

Project Categories
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Amenities
  • Maintenance & Operation
  • Kampung Tradisi
  • Strategic Projects



Jengka Sentral
A new integrated public transport terminal in Bandar Tun Razak, Jengka to replace the old Nadi Kota Terminal.
Muadzam Shah Cattle Research and Innovation Center
The centre will facilitate high impact continuous research in breeding technology and farm management.
SME Marketing and Exhibition Complex
A marketing center to promote local products including handicrafts and food.
Maintenance of Taman Negara- Kuala Tahan
A project to improve the public amenities and cleanliness of the area.

We used to be isolated somewhat, in the sense that some of the council services did not reach us. Our children had to contend with potholes on their way to school. Motorbikes had to swerve from one pothole to another.

But all this has changed. Roads have been upgraded, connectivity between kampungs have been enhanced and stalls have been built to create business opportunities for the residents. Our grateful thanks to ECERDC.

- Hasrul bin Rashid,Resident, Kampung Tradisi, Temerloh -

I am happy to say that more customers patronise my stall now as compared to before. The reason is because the authorities clean this place more regularly, collect garbage daily. This place has been made pleasing to the eyes of the tourists.

- Zuraida binti Ismail, Food )perator, Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan -
Tuan Haji

On behalf of myself and my fellow residents I extend my appreciation to government bodies such as ECERDC for helping to build a new community centre and upgrade the Kampung Paloh Hinai mosque.This contribution to the village will go a long way to improve the ties among the residents, both socially and spiritually.

- Tn. Hj Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Rahmat Village Head, Kampung Paloh Hinai/Chairman Paloh Hinai Mosque -
Zaimi bin Zakaria

As a petanque player, I am very happy to live in a place with 16 covered courts under one roof. I am told this is the longest petanque court in the country. I join the rest of petanque enthusiasts in Bera to thank ECERDC for providing such a facility. I am sure the presence of the court will spark more interest for the sport in Bera

- Zaimi bin Zakaria, Resident,Taman Meranti , Bera -
Mohd Shafiq bin Azman

Before the upgrading of the food stalls here, we used to get customers trickling in. ECERDC has reinvigorated this place. The stalls are better organised, look pleasing to the eyes and customers find it easier to quickly select their buys. At the end of the day, the stall owners and customers are happy.

- Mohd Shafiq bin Azman, Trader, Food Stall Bandar Chini -
Ainon bte Noor

Thanks to the upgrading works, customers are finding it easier to patronise the outlets here. More customer visits mean more revenue for us. More revenue means higher income for the families of the traders doing business here. ECERDC’s efforts mean a lot to us.

- Ainon binti Noor,Trader,Pasar Borong Tun Abdul Razak -