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entrepreneur ECER

entrepreneur ECER Development Programme (EEDP) targets existing entrepreneurs in the Region who wish to grow their business. The programme aims to increase the participation of Bumiputera entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs from other communities, including Orang Asli. entrepreneur ECER is implemented through collaboration with SIRIM and AGROBANK.
entrepreneur ECER-AGROBANK collaboration: financial assistance
  • The programme involves training workshops on business management skills, financial management, product development, product quality improvement, branding, product registration, research & development, Halal JAKIM certification, packaging & labeling and also market expansion.
  • To date, 78 entrepreneurs have benefited from this programme and have recorded increase in their sales and market segment.
  • Some of the entrepreneurs have taken their products to international markets.
Criteria for entrepreneur ECER-SIRIM Participants

entrepreneur ECER-SIRIM collaboration: soft development assistance
  • Financial assistance are provided for selected entrepreneurs in the form of Islamic microcredit financing of up to RM50,000 and a soft loan of up to RM250,000.
  • Financing rate is topped up by ECERDC. Borrowers who are good paymasters are offered a 20% rebate on financing rate. Since its launch in 2012, a total of 1,282 entrepreneurs have benefited from this programme.
Criteria for entrepreneurs ECER - AGROBANK Participants (Soft loan & Microcredit)

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