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ECER projects and programmes are planned and implemented with the view to improving the livelihood of the rakyat and increasing their income in a sustainable manner.

The rakyat are provided opportunities to serve as outgrowers or satellite farmers to anchor companies in the crops, livestock and fisheries sectors.

The poor in ECER participate in agropolitan projects in South Kelantan, Besut-Setiu and Pekan operating agro-based projects on a commercial scale. ECERDC’s Human Capital Development programmes such as the  Entrepreneur ECER ,  Talent Enhance Programme (ETEP), empower ECER programme present further avenues for the rakyat to increase their income in a sustainable manner.

The rakyat in DARA and LKWJ are presented with business opportunities in the many projects implemented in the two areas in addition to enjoying an enhanced quality of life made possible by ECERDC.