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teraju-overviewTERAJU@ECER is a collaboration programme with Teraju (a unit in the Prime Minister’s Department) to lead, drive and coordinate the implementation of Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda.

TeraS Programme Facilitation Fund
  • Financing and business advisory services to fast track the growth of Bumiputera companies with good prospects.
  • Larger TeraS companies assume the role of ‘parent companies’, nurturing the business growth of their smaller counterparts.
  • The ultimate goal is for TeraS companies to be global players and contribute significantly to national income by 2020.


  • RM100 million to promote the implementation of high value private sector projects by Bumiputera companies. 
  • Grants from this Facilitation Fund serve as tipping points to obtain commercial loans to move their business up to the next level. 
  • The grant covers 15% of the project cost for investments ranging from RM5 million to RM50 million.


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