Suria Resort 1
  • Business Sector: Tourism
  • Incentive: Facilitation Fund of Rm3.2 million towards the construction of a RM24.8 million hot spring resort.
  • Impact: Revenue forecast to increase by 50%. Provides employment to 150 local residents.
- Suria Resorts Management Sdn. Bhd. -
Komitment Mantap Sdn. Bhd.
  • Business Sector: Electric and Electronics
  • Incentive: Facilitation Fund of Rm6.4 million towards the construction of RM50 million solar energy-based power station.
  • Impact: Faster economic development of Pasir Mas. Act as a magnet to attract invetsors to Pasir Mas.
- Komitmen Mantap Sdn. Bhd. -
Wann Trading
  • Business Sector: Bakery and Frozen Food Manufacturing
  • Incentive: TeraS grant of RM1 million towards the construction on of RM10 million factory and business advisory services
  • Impact:  20% increase in revenue. Increase in employment opportunities for 60 people.Market expansion to Terengganu and Southern Thailand.
- Wann Trading Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Tumpat, Kelantan -
  • Business Sector: Transportation of petroleum products
  • Incentive: TeraS grant of RM13 million and business advisory services as well as Facilitation Fund of RM3.94 million for the construction of tanker hub and purchase17 tankers
  • Impact:  60% increase in revenue. Addition of 17 tankers to existing fleet.
- ZHA Pengangkutan Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu -
Effective energy
  • Business Sector: Education
  • Incentive: TeraS grant of RM9.43 milllion and Facilitation Fund of RM 1,78 million for construction of a new campus for the International School of Kuantan costing RM13.92 million.
  • Impact:  Student intake increased 100 to 350. Increase in employment opportunities for 20 more people.
- Effective Energy Sdn. Bhd. , Kuantan, Pahang -