Facilitation Fund

FACILITATION FUND PROGRAMMES UKAS (Public-Private Partnership) TERAJU (by Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera) TERAJU (each corridor)
Total Fund RM20 billion RM2 billion RM100 million
Eligibility of the company All (FDI and DDI) 51% Bumiputera35% Bumiputera & CEO/MD MUST be Bumiputera for public-listed companies Similar to TERAJU’s requirement
Investment Value >RM100 million >RM20 million RM5 million – RM50 million
Funding Limit 10% of the total project costs or up to RM200 million (whichever is lower) 15% of the total project costs or up to RM30 million (whichever is lower) 15% of the total project costs or up to RM7.5 million (whichever is lower)
Submission UKAS, Prime Minister’s Department TERAJU TERAJU@ECER Secretariat
Approval Authority UKAS TERAJU for project costs of RM5million – RM50 millionUKAS for project costs of >RM50 million Jointly recommend by TERAJU@ECER FF (members TERAJU & ECERDC) & Approved and endorsed by TERAJU Delivery Committee
Projects that are NOT ELIGIBLE
  • Projects in financial/banking sector
  • Projects in the incubation or R&D stage
  • Projects which involve mergers & acquisitions
  • Projects that have received Government allocation and/or funding
  • Government procurement projects
  • Investment in foreign countries
  • Projects that are highly dependent on government support
  • Projects whereby Government needs to bear a significant portion of the risks