TeraS Programme

Objective The programme is to identify Bumiputera companies with high growth potential and help them achieve business improvement by providing appropriate support such as funding, talent development, and participation in business opportunities based on merit. The program is to develop high potential Bumiputera companies in the next five to ten years
  • Bumiputera equity at preferably 60 – 100%
  • CEO / Managing Director is Bumiputera
  • Majority of Management is Bumiputera
  • Bumiputera companies with good financial performance and status
  • Not subsidiary of GLC/MNC (associate company is allowed)
  • Preferably in the NKEA sector
  • Good credit bureau rating
Submission TERAJU@ECER Secretariat
Approval Authority Recommended by TERAS@ECER Committee

(Joint Committee between TERAJU & ECERDC)
Endorsed by TERAJU Delivery Committee