Pasir Mas Halal Park

Quick Facts

Item Description
Industry Focus Food & beverages (F&B), Ingredients Snack, Spices & Sauce Halal food-based products, Nutraceuticals / herbs Agriculture-based products, Meat-based products
Location Pasir Mas, Kelantan
Total Area Phase 1: 20.23 hectares / 50 acres (Current)Phase 2: 23.47 hectares / 58 acres (Future Planning)
Available Area / Lot 12.49 hectares / 30.87 acres
Land Origin Perbadanan Kemajuan Iktisad Negeri Kelantan (PKINK)
Lease Period 66 years
Major players Nil
  • Kota Bahru town     : 21 km
  • Kota Bahru Airport  : 22 km
  • Kuala Lumpur city   : 455 km
Infrastructure Development Status Infrastructure is ready
Project Background Pasir Mas Halal Park is developed on a 135 acre site with a Central Marketing & Processing Complex. Manufactures food-based products and is an incubator centre for micro traditional and specialty food processors.The Park concentrates on the production of additives and ingredients that have numerous applications from food additives to raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and health care components.

Pasir Mas Halal Park Layout