10 Reasons to invest in ECER

With its wide range of natural resources, well-connected infrastructure and transportation network, logistics hub and an international tourism destination, investors will be spoilt for choice to explore, create and capitalize on the various options available that will further contribute towards the ECER’s growth. As such, the Region is poised to become Malaysia’s Gateway to the ASEAN region, China and the Far East, which has a potential market of four billion people and a combined GDP of US$17 trillion.


Road Connectivity: East Coast Expressway

Air Connectivity : Airports

Sea Connectivity: Kuantan Port & New Deep Water Terminal

With this expansion, Kuantan Port will become a deep water port and positioned as the “Gateway to Asia Pacific”, significantly contributing to the growth of port and maritime industries while at the same time increasing job opportunities from the growing investments in the Region.

Upon completion in 2018, the new deep water terminal at Kuantan Port will enable the Port to accommodate large vessels of up to 200,000 dead weight tonnage (DWT) in size. The expansion of
this project will also increase the port’s capacity to handle bulk and container cargo. Upon completion of Phase 1, the port will be able to handle 26 million freight weight tonnes of bulk cargo.

  • Situated strategically at Tanjung Gelang, in the state of Pahang at the crossroads of international shipping lanes of the South China Sea.
  • Include construction of a new deep water terminal.
  • Equipped to serve users with various types of facilities and equipment to handle all their cargo such as berthing and storage facilities.
  • The berthing facilities comprise of multi-purpose berths, container berths, liquid chemical berths, palm oil berths, mineral oil berth and jetties.
  • Storage facilities for various types of cargoes such as container freight station, container storage yard, 7 conventional cargo warehouse and open storage yard.
  • For more info www.kuantanport.com.my

Internet Connectivity: ECER

Amenities & Lifestyle in ECER

The tropical climate all year round, the rich culture and heritage as well as the well-established amenities make the ECER a great place to live in. In fact, the development approach in the ECER integrates commercial, residential, education, industrial, service and knowledge components to ensure world-class living standards for the local communities and residents in the region.

The development approach in ECER consists of commercial, residential, education, industries, service & knowledge components that are closely interlinked where liveability will be elevated to world class standards.

Bungalow residence
Bungalow residence
Bungalow residence
Bungalow residence
Superlink House Residence
Superlink House Residence
Condominium Residence
Condominium Residence
KPJ Private Hospital Kota Bharu
KPJ Private Hospital Kota Bharu
Salam Private Hospital Terengganu
Salam Private Hospital Terengganu

Education Centres in ECER

ECER is home to some of the country’s top universities, technical institutions and schools. ECERDC works closely with the various universities and institutions of higher education to drive ECERDC’s human capital and entrepreneurship programmes which have contributed towards building a knowledge-based, skilled and competitive workforce to support the Region’s growing economic

Direct Access to ASEAN Market