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As an established player in the manufacturing, tourism, and oil, gas and petrochemical clusters, Pahang is at the forefront of growth and development in ECER. The state is expected to fuel economic growth by attracting an additional RM31 billion in private investments into its various economic clusters. This in turn will generate 52,550 job opportunities and create 23,090 entrepreneurial opportunities for the locals.

The state has a strong roster of international investors located in its key industrial parks, which include the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP), Pekan Automotive Park (PAP), Pahang Technology Park, and Gambang Halal Park. Pahang is also set to play a major role in accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 in ECER through the Asia Centre of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES).

With the expansion of Kuantan Port into a deepwater port to facilitate greater international trade, as well as the rapid development of ECER’s Logistics and Services cluster, investors can look forward to Kuantan as a major gateway to Asia Pacific markets.


Projects & Programmes

Completed Projects / Programmes

  1. Kuantan Port Expansion
    Breakwater and External Infrastructure
  2. Ganchong Water Treatment Plant and 41km of Water Distribution Pipeline
    (Ganchong-Pekan-Tanjung Agas)
  3. Kuantan Port City Development
  4. Panching Water Treatment Plant
  5. Pekan Automotive Park
    Earthwork and Infrastructure Works
  6. Gambang Halal Park
    Earthwork and Infrastructure Works
  7. Pahang Technology Park
    Earthwork, Infrastructure Works and Cybercentre Building
  8. Chegar Perah Herbal Integrated Cluster Development
  9. Rompin Integrated Pineapple Plantation
  10. Pekan Agropolitan Project
  11. Muadzam Shah Cattle Research & Innovation Centre
  12. Kuantan Integrated Fish Processing Park
  13. Taman Negeri Tasik Chini
    Construction of Fresh Water Lab and Supporting Facilities such as hostel, quarters and tourist facilities
  14. Taman Negeri Rompin
    Construction of ‘Kinchin Rainforest Discovery Centre’ and associated facilities
  15. Development of Temerloh Titik Tengah Semenanjung, Temerloh, Pahang
  16. Upgrading Works at National Elephant Conversation Centre (NECC), Kuala Gandah,
    Temerloh, Pahang
  17. Development of Kuantan Waterfront
    Kuantan 188, Laman Teruntum, Promenade Upgrading Works, Mangrove and Serambi Teruntum
  18. Development of Pekan Heritage Tourism
    Pekan Riverfront, Refurbishment of Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Refurbishment of Muzium Masjid Sultan Abdullah, Construction of Serambi Pekan, Anjung Warisan and Medan Ikan Bakar D’Kuala
  19. Kompleks Sukan Ketapang, Pekan
  20. Pahang Islands Tourism: Pulau Tioman
    Upgrading Works of Infrastructure and Tourist Facilities 

Projects / Programmes In Progress

  1. Kemaman-Gebeng Water Distribution Pipeline
  2. Taman Negeri Tasik Chini
    Water Quality Monitoring System, Lotus Seeding and Reforestation
  3. Pahang Islands Tourism: Pulau Tioman
    Upgrading of Jetty at Kg. Genting and Kg. Salang, Construction of New Bridge at Sg. Mangkai
  4. Development of Pantai Hiburan, Rompin
  5. Special Fund for the Former Areas of DARA & LKWJ
    6 Districts, i.e. Temerloh, Bera, Maran, Jerantut, Pekan and Rompin
  6. Human Capital Development Programme
    empower ECER, entrepreneur ECER, ECER Talent Enhancement Programme (ETEP)