ECER Special Economic Zone

The ECER Special Economic Zone (ECER SEZ) of Greater Kuantan stretches from the district of Kertih, Terengganu in the north to the district of Pekan, Pahang in the south. ECER SEZ is being developed in line with the objective of achieving concentrated decentralization. It is envisioned to be the key engine of economic growth in ECER and serves as the growth center where liveability will be elevated to world class standards through improvements in infrastructure, public transport and logistics.

  • The integrated development approach consists of commercial, residential, education, industries, service & knowledge components that are closely interlinked.
  • ECER SEZ accounts for 80% of the Region’s  economic output and  45% of job opportunities (90,000 by 2020)

Quality and efficient physical infrastructure is crucial to transform ECER into a developed Region. ECERDC upgrades and constructs new infrastructure and facilities in order to attract investments, generate jobs and business opportunities.


Kuantan Port Expansion

The expansion of Kuantan Port will support and position ECER SEZ as a significant gateway to the Asia Pacific and Far East.

Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plants will address the current and future water needs of industrial and residential areas in Kuantan and Pekan, Pahang.

Water Reservoirs

Two water reservoirs are being built to increase Gebeng Industrial Park’s water storage capacity in Pahang.

KPC Port Link Road

KPC Port Link Road will serve as the shortest link from the East Coast Highway to Kuantan Port.

Pahang Technology Park

Pahang Technology Park in Gambang is designed to spur high-technology related industries.

ECER SEZ Connectivity to Asia Pacific Region