Kemaman Heavy Industry Park

Kemaman Heavy Industry Park will be developed as a Heavy Industry base that will be able to compete regionally and globally to transform and uplift the local economy.

In 2010, a Business, Strategic, Implementation and Planning (BSIP) study carried out by Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) stated that Kemaman Heavy Industry Park’s infrastructure development needs to be meticulously planned and developed on a comprehensive scale to meet the industry requirement to ensure its sustainability.

Following the BSIP, three projects have been identified to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operations of  Kemaman Heavy Industry Park:

  •  Bukit Kuang Bridge – The construction of Bukit Kuang Bridge was undertaken by Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR). The bridge provides better connectivity and faster travelling time for residents between Telok Kalong and Chukai Town in the district of Kemaman,Terengganu. The design has also considered the navigational height of ships passing through Sungai Kemaman. In the future, the river is also expected to be an alternative means of transportation for the surrounding steel mills.
  • Inner Service Road and Junction Upgrading -The junction will be upgraded from a three arm junction to a signalized at-grade four arm intersection, while an inner service road will be built to meet the industry requirements of Kemaman Heavy Industry Park, Terengganu.