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empower-ECER-thumbempower ECER adopts a rural community and development approach to reach students and adults such as unemployed, underemployed, single parents and aspiring youths to make them a vital force in ECER’s growth.

The objective of empower ECER is to tap the potential of disadvantaged individuals to ensure that they have the mindset and skill set to seize opportunities in the growing economy of ECER.

ECERDC has partnered up with local universities and strategic partners to implement empower ECER across 29 districts in ECER. The programme undertakes a two-pronged approach:

Academic Training Programme Skill and Entrepreneurship Training Programme
Participants: Academically weak students from poor, rural families, particularly those who will be undertaking the Pelaporan Pentaksiran Sekolah Rendah (PPSR), Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga (PT3) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations.

Training modules include:

  • Academic subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Malay and English, mind mapping and others.Personal development aspects such as public speaking, personality development camp and others.
  • Personal development aspects such as public speaking, personality development camp and others.

Target achievement

  • 100 % pass in main examinations (UPSR, PMR, SPM)
  • Increase of 30% for all academic subjects


Participants: The B40 adults and youths, especially single mothers, unemployed youths and the disabled community.

Courses offered under Skill and Entrepreneurship Training Programme:

  • Creative bead embroidery
  • Mobile phone repair
  • Reflexology and traditional massage
  • Ala Malaysia pastry making
  • Frozen food business
  • Hair dressing
  • Sewing and design
  • Beauty Parlour

Target achievement

  • 80% of total participant will be self-employed or employed


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empower ECER Programme Has Been Implemented in 29 Areas


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