Economic Clusters

The ECER Master Plan has identified several clusters as key initiatives in generating economic growth to the ECER.

The ECER Master Plan stresses and gives importance to the socio-economic growth of the population, fair income distribution and sustainable development for the region.

The identified clusters are:

  • Tourism – with focus on mainland coastal development, sustainable island tourism, eco-tourism, cultural & heritage, cross border and agro-tourism. There will be additional promotion to increase participation in homestay programmes and hallmark events.

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical – with the emphasis on downstream products and diversification towards ethylene-based and propylene-based production. The plan also includes further operation integration between existing locations (Kertih, Chukai, and Gebeng).

  • Manufacturing – to extend the current value chain by adding value to existing raw materials and feedstock from the region. Non-resource based industries such as boat-building and repair, automotive assembly and distribution, handicraft and textile making and heavy industries will be enhanced to be more competitive.

  • Agriculture – with the emphasis given to commercial farming methods, efforts are made to improve production through farming integration, participation into new ventures and the use of new farming techniques and building global network. Agriculture cluster will focus on developing crop-based farming, livestock (such as beef, mutton, poultry and animal feed) and fisheries.

  • Human Capital Development – emphasis is given to ensure adequate supply of professional and skilled workforce to meet the needs for accelerated development, technological upgrading, global and regional competitiveness. ECER education will also focus on marketing education and Research & Development (R&D) with close partnership with industries to address cross-sectoral needs.