Economic Enablers

Other than main initiatives, emphasis is given to the development of key enabler projects that will support growth such as transportation and logistics. Infrastructure and utilities like electricity and water supply, telecommunication services and sewerage systems are also stressed upon to create a conducive working, learning and living environment for ECER residents.

Among the key enabler projects are:

  • Improving access via upgrades to existing road networks, airports and sea ports
    As a start, the Government is investing in the development of key improvements, such as a new expressway linking the region to the central, southern and northern regions of the peninsula, improvements on existing Federal roads, upgrading of the region’s domestic airports and the major ports to cater to the investors’ needs in the future. Improvements to sea ports, airports, roads and highways as outlined in the ECER Master Plan will result in the region being better connected within and outside the country.

  • Mitigating floods and coastal erosion
    There will also be major flood mitigation projects to progressively improve drainage conditions in the ECER’s major urban centres. Coastal erosion, a major issue in the several parts of the region will be handled systematically to allow development projects to take place with minimal disruption.

  • Improving utilities and sewerage
    Plans are also afoot towards improving the capacity of major utilities, such as water, electricity, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and fixed line infrastructure, as well as the sewerage system and solid waste management.

  • Real estate development
    Property and construction will be a focus to prepare sufficient residential, leisure, commercial and industrial properties to meet the region’s economic demands and growth.

  • Conservation of environment
    Special emphasis will be also be placed in conserving the environment to ensure sustainability for years to come. The conservation of the region’s rich flora and fauna will be given due attention to ensure that development occurs while protecting the natural environment. This is to ensure the natural wonders of the ECER remain intact for generations to come, while investments are carried out against the backdrop of sustainability.