Success Factors

In order to achieve the targets set out by the ECER Master Plan, a few critical success factors have been identified:

  • Ownership at all levels
    The ECER Master Plan is created for the people of the ECER. Hence, ownership and participation at all levels of the populace is crucial.

  • Creation of the ECER Development Council
    The creation of the ECER Development Council will ensure effective implementation of the Master Plan. The success of the implementation of the ECER Master Plan is dependent on the commitment and cooperation of all.

  • ECER States must complement each other 
    The Master Plan undertook a regional approach, leveraging on the strengths and resource base of each State. To achieve the Master Plan’s objectives, each State must complement rather than compete with each other.

  • ECER must complement other regional developments 
    The ECER’s unique focus and areas of specialisation are intended to complement Iskandar Develoment Region (IDR), Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), Sabah Development Corridor, and Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). The recommended key projects & programmes are achievable with specific implementation time line.

  • Private and public sector partnership
    The Government is counting on a mutual partnership with the private sector to encourage investment and new economic activities in the region. The Government, on its part, is committed to put in place physical, infrastructure and transportation projects to support the development initiatives. Attractive incentives designed specifically for this region, are outlined to spur investment in the region.