ECER: An Ideal Investment Destination

ECER is a Region with vast growth potential that is waiting to be tapped by visionary domestic and foreign investors alike.

Geographical Advantages

ECER has an abundance of natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, minerals, palm oil, rubber and others. It also has an abundance of competitive-priced land that is ideal for a diverse range of business activities such as agriculture and manufacturing. ECER’s natural geographic position also makes it an ideal Gateway to the Asia-Pacific, which presents tremendous advantages to investors with international ambitions.

Business-friendly Environment

There is strong and consistent political will from both the Federal and State Governments to unlock the potential of the Region. The success of pro-business and liberal investment policies, and the commitment to develop a strong export market-oriented economy, can be seen in the implementation of ECERDC’s promotional efforts.

This is validated by the achievement of the EMP’s investment target of RM110 billion by year 2020, three years ahead of schedule. This economic growth over the past decade has been primarily driven by private investments.

Diverse Workforce

ECER also boasts a multi-lingual workforce. Locals typically speak two or even three languages, including English and Mandarin. Wage rates are competitive compared to the more developed West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Additionally, ECERDC provides a comprehensive range of human capital development programmes to prepare the local population to meet industry demands.

All these factors and more have contributed to ECER’s rising global profile as a compelling investment destination for both local and foreign investors.  This is evidenced by the presence of large and established foreign business communities in all business sectors across the Region.

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Gateway to ASEAN and Asia-Pacific

ECER’s strategic location and seamless connectivity presents great advantages for investors

Thematic Industrial Parks

The convenience of purpose-built industrial parks enables business to be set up with minimum lead time

Generous Investment Incentive Packages

ECER offers investors in the Region a range of investment incentives

Malaysia is well-known as one of the most friendly and hospitable places in the world to work and live in. The country’s tropical climate is comfortable and welcoming all year round. Investors and their families can enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment in the ECER with modern amenities, good healthcare and medical facilities, and excellent educational institutions delivering great value.

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Lifestyle and Amenities

Enjoy modern comforts, distinctive culture and abundant natural wonders in ECER