Gateway to ASEAN and Asia-Pacific

Investors in ECER will be able to leverage on Malaysia’s existing and new free trade agreements, such as the ASEAN Free Trade Area, ASEAN-China FTA, ASEAN-Korea FTA, ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA and more. Investors also have access to Malaysia’s multilateral initiatives such as the Joint Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) and China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

Additionally, Malaysia has strong bilateral trade relationships with Japan, Chile, India, and Turkey among others. Several other trade caucuses and agreements are currently being negotiated.

In addition, ECER’s natural geographical advantages and strategic location facing the South China Sea is steadily gaining attention as the ideal Gateway to ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region.

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Seamless Connectivity

The Region’s strong transport linkages between ECER’s Key Development Areas via land, air and sea enhance connectivity across the Region and Peninsular Malaysia, and provide a faster, more direct route to ASEAN and other Asia-Pacific countries.