Pasir Mas Halal Park (PMHP)

Pasir Mas Halal Park (PMHP) is a HALMAS status industrial park designed to produce high-value downstream halal food products such as herbs, spices, and meat-based products as well as non-food based products.

The park is developed on 108 acres of land, divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2. An Entrepreneur Business Complex (EBC) that caters for small and medium enterprises was built as part of Phase 1.

The park comes with basic infrastructure including roads, water supply, electricity, sewerage, and telecommunications.

What is HALMAS? 

HALMAS is an accreditation given to Halal Park operator who have successfully complied with the requirements and guidelines stipulated under the HDC designated Halal Park Development. It is also a mark of excellence for parks that have noteworthy qualities, namely production of Halal products with the highest quality, integrity and safety.

With the HALMAS status, operator, industry and logistics service providers will be able to enjoy incentives to help existing and would be players in the Halal industry.

Focus Industries

  • Halal food and non-food
  • Agro-based products
  • Meat-based products
  • Spices, snacks and sauces

If you have any enquiries about this park or are interested to set up operations here, please contact:

General Manager Investment Management
Level 3, Menara PjH 
No.2, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
Precinct 2
62100, Putrajaya

Tel: +603 8885 0038