ECER offers investors exciting opportunities, especially in high-technology farming and high-value offerings.


Foreign and domestic investors are finding ECER to be the preferred investment destination due to, amongst other things, its strategic location and business-friendly government policies.

Agribusiness Reinvented

A key strategy for transformative and inclusive growth in ECER’s Agribusiness sector is the Anchor Company Model. This game-changing approach has resulted in rapid modernisation, diversification and scaling of the Region’s agricultural sector, and creation of new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for the local population.

ECERDC facilitates the success of Anchor Companies by investing into enabling infrastructure projects and programmes, providing generous incentives, setting the strategic direction of development, and facilitating close cooperation between all stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

This approach has had remarkable success. Now, under ECER Master Plan 2.0 (EMP2.0), the Agribusiness sector in ECER will continue to evolve with high-technology farming methods, high-value crops and value-added activities.

Key opportunities in ECER’s Agribusiness sector are in:


Pushing the frontiers of agriculture for long term sustainability


Adding value by expanding the spectrum of fisheries activities


Addressing food security by enhancing self-sufficiency


Commercial-based community development

ECERDC works closely with all stakeholders in the public and private sectors to facilitate the success of investors in multiple projects. We are also committed to helping current and potential investors further unlock the vast potential in the Region by exploring new or diversifying opportunities in the various Agribusiness sectors.

If you are interested to invest in ECER’s Agribusiness sector or if you have innovative ideas for creating value in Agribusiness and related sectors, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss business with you and help facilitate your success in this area.

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