Creating Fresh Opportunities in Agribusiness

Agribusiness in the ECER is undergoing significant transformational growth, shifting from traditional, small scale farming to innovative large-scale commercial farming using modern technologies through the Anchor Company model. This strategy has proven to be successful and will continue to be replicated in ECER’s agribusiness projects.

Although ECER offers vast tracts of land ready to be used for cultivating high-value crops, ECERDC is actively promoting high-tech smart farming using Industry 4.0 technologies such as precision agriculture, data storage and processing, and Big-Data-driven quality control processes to enhance the potential of the Region’s agribusiness industry. Vertical farming has also been introduced aimed at maximizing space, resources and yield.

Another key strategy to further boost advancement in agriculture is to collaborate with government ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI), Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the Fisheries Research Institute Malaysia (FRI).

The next step for our projects is to be developed into tourism destinations to create awareness and educate the public at large.

Explore the map to see the opportunities that the ECER has to offer Agribusiness investors.

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Foreign and domestic investors are finding ECER to be the preferred investment destination due to, amongst other things, its strategic location and business-friendly government policies.

Benefits for Rakyat

Scaling the Agribusiness sector’s growth through the Anchor Company Model has also enhanced the socio-economic well-being of the rakyat. New income generation opportunities have emerged in the developing value-chain, such as contract farming, food processing, food distribution and other supporting industries, which creates employment and entrepreneurial opportunities along the value chain for the locals.

To ensure the rakyat benefit from and contribute to sustained long-term socio-economic growth, human capital development continues to be a key focus. ECERDC’s human capital development programmes, such as empower ECER Academic Training, empower ECER Skills and Entrepreneurship Training, and entrepreneur ECER, equip the locals with the skills and exposure to enable them to participate in the opportunities presented by the ECER’s rapidly developing Agribusiness value chain.