The availability of high quality utility services that are sufficient and reliable is crucial to support the future growth of ECER’s manufacturing cluster. Several utility infrastructure projects are underway throughout ECER.


Water Supply

Ganchong Water Treatment Plant

An adequate supply of clean water not only improves the livelihood of the people, but it also provides the foundation for domestic and foreign investors’ business growth and expansion.

Among the key projects are the Ganchong Water Treatment Plant in Pekan and Panching Water Treatment Plant in Kuantan, which further support business investments into Pahang. Another key project is the Kelar Water Treatment Plant in Kelantan, which supports the growth of the Pasir Mas Halal Industrial Park and provides treated water to the local population.

Gas Supply


ECER has Centralised Utility Facilities (CUF) owned and operated by PETRONAS Gas Berhad that supplies industrial gas, steam and electricity to investors in Kertih Integrated Petrochemical Complex (KIPC), Kertih Biopolymer Park (KBP) and Gebeng Industrial Area. There is also Peninsular Gas Usage System (PGU) that stretches from Segamat to Paka that supports investment needs in Terengganu.

Broadband Coverage

The availability of cost-effective broadband services is key in supporting investors in the digital age. Thus, digital infrastructure is undergoing rapid deployment in the Region to accelerate its next leap into the digital economy and Industry 4.0.

ECERDC is working closely with federal and state authorities to scale up the digital infrastructure in ECER in anticipation of the growth in digital technology requirements of businesses in the Region.