Driving Growth Across The Region

Manufacturing is a leading sector in the Region and ECERDC’s focused growth strategy creates an abundance of opportunities for investors. Besides adding value to the Region’s rich natural resources, manufacturing is a key sector that improves the socio-economic well-being of local communities by creating new jobs and business opportunities for the rakyat.

ECERDC’s strategy for further developing the manufacturing cluster is to capitalise on existing ecosystems and resources while building up capacity and infrastructure to enable new ones. A number of locations within the ECER have been earmarked for major industrial initiatives, especially in technology-intensive and value-added segments. To this end, ECERDC has established 9 thematic industrial parks in the Region for targeted industries that provide a conducive environment for investors.

Under the ECER Master Plan 2.0, the Region will shift its focus towards a productivity-driven economy which will be enhanced by Industry 4.0 (I4.0) adoption. ECERDC is taking a multi-pronged approach to enable this new growth, by providing human capital development to nurture industry-ready local talents, enhancing network connectivity and transportation infrastructure, providing attractive incentive packages and facilitating investments.

ECERDC’s I4.0 initiatives will bring ECER to the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, while promoting the Region as a destination of choice for advanced manufacturing to investors who seek strategic positioning in the ASEAN region. The Pahang Technology Park is a key driver in the development of ECER’s technology production industry.