Halal Products

The halal products and services industry is one of the fastest growing industries globally and Malaysia is one of the global leaders in this sector. Malaysia is fast gaining a reputation as a Global Halal Hub, with a highly-developed Halal ecosystem that is readily facilitating the growing global demand on the Malaysian Halal industry.

ECER presents key strategic advantages to investors seeking to capitalise on Malaysia’s global reputation in this arena. Investors have access to dedicated halal parks such as the Gambang Halal Park in Pahang and the Pasir Mas Halal Park in Kelantan, supported by the Region’s well-established logistics and services sector that allows investors easy access to regional and global markets.

Opportunities for halal-based industries in ECER include:

  1. Halal food and non-food production
  2. Pet food based products
  3. Food ingredients
  4. Nutraceuticals/Herbs
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Agro-based products
  7. Meat-based products

The Gambang Halal Park has the advantage of being located less than an hour from Kuantan, which gives it easy access to Kuantan Port, the gateway to ASEAN and Asia Pacific. Whereas the Pasir Mas Halal Park is close to the Malaysia-Thailand border which gives it a distinct advantages for cross-border trade.