New Opportunities in a Matured Field

The Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (OGP) industry, which has long been established in ECER, continues to grow rapidly in the petroleum-based downstream industry. It continues to be an important sector to the economic development of the Region, in line with the country’s aspirations to make ECER as an oil and gas service hub in the Asia Pacific region.

The two integrated complexes in the Region, namely the Kertih Integrated Petrochemical Complex (KIPC) in Terengganu and Gebeng Integrated Petrochemical Complex (GIPC) in Pahang, have attracted giant international companies to drive this growth. Various centralised facilities, infrastructure and utilities are provided to attract investors producing high-value products based on ethylene and propylene.

This will also boost the creation of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities as well as knowledge, expertise and technology transfer, along with development of support industries in the Region such as engineering, chemistry, fabrication and many more. Until the end of 2019, ECERDC has succeeded in attracting investments worth RM3.4 billion to the OGP sector. These investments have created 300 job opportunities with more than 80 entrepreneurial opportunities for local companies.

ECERDC is promoting and enhancing linkages between upstream and downstream industries, development of technologies in materials & product applications as well as manufacturing-related services & support industries for OGP.

If you are interested to invest in the ECER’s OGP sector or have any enquiries regarding investment-related matters, please contact:

General Manager Investor Management
Level 3, Menara PjH
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Tel: +603 8885 0038