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From a Cleaner to a successful Entrepreneur.

The empower ECER Sabai Transformation Entrepreneur Award

Previously working as a cleaner at the Community College in Bentong, Rajeswari d/o Kanniapaan, often heard about the upskilling programmes that were being offered by the various agencies there. Given her tight schedule and the long distance to attend these classes, Rajeswari had given up on the prospects of joining any courses to upskill herself before stumbling upon empower ECER programme.

She couldn’t be happier that the classes were held on weekends and were located close to her home. After months of hard work and pure determination, she succesfully made it as a make-up artist and pastry entrepreneur, and still finds it hard to believe how far she’s come. In recognition for her transformation, she was awarded the “Annugerah Usahawan Transformasi Sabai”in 2017.