Manager, Crops

POSITION                    : MANAGER, CROPS
DIVISION                    : AGRIBUSINESS
LOCATION                 : PUTRAJAYA

Major Responsibilities

  • Monitor, evaluate and report performance of appointed Anchor Companies on Agribusiness Crops projects.
  • To assist the development of the budget for development each Agribusiness Crops projects.
  • Develop and formulate catalytic development plans for high-value fruits, industrial crops and food-based processing industry.
  • Collaborate with State and Federal agencies in securing land for private investment and development of strategic Agribusiness Crops projects.
  • Seek and appraise potential private investment in commercial plantations adopting Anchor Company, contract farming and satellite farming business model.
  • Assist to facilitate private investment and development of fully integrated plantations for domestic and export market.
  • Assist to identify and encourage private investment and development of high value crop varieties using high technology farming and biotechnology, as well as adoption of applied research and development along the value chain.
  • Lead and manage the implementation of projects and monitor rollout of projects within the development areas.
  • Coordinate with relevant internal and external stakeholders in the implementation of strategic Agribusiness Crops Project.
  • Planning and development of strategic working-level partnership with Federal, State, and Local Agencies to facilitate and fast-track review/approval processes.
  • Maintain working relationships with relevant internal and external stakeholders as well as Anchor Companies to facilitate project implementation.
  • To manage, monitor, track and report on the utilization of OE and DE budget.

Position Requirements

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.
  • Minimum six (6) years working experience in agriculture or other related sectors Management background and strong experience in business, consulting and/or corporate strategy would be preferred.
  • Strong networking is an added advantage.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in Bahasa Melayu and English.
  • Willing to travel (local and overseas).