Manager, Investment Promotion & Stakeholder Management (F&B, Agribusiness) In Investor Management Division


 Major Responsibilities 

In relation to promotional activity: 

  • Generate targeted investment leads through marketing plans for creating awareness about ECER Identify potential clients and promote industries with potential for development in ECER 
  • Implement specific and facts finding missions abroad to attract foreign investment 
  • Undertake domestic specific missions to encourage expansion/diversification by the local players and continuous engagement with the industry to develop the industry and its ecosystem 
  • Manage and implement strategy to attract investment into ECER 
  • Implement specific seminars and conferences 
  • Implement briefing and dialogue with relevant industry associations to identify the roadblocks, direction and development of the industry 
  • Undertake promotion of ECER industrial parks

In relation to investor/industry 

  • Engage and facilitate individual investors within the cluster 
  • Monitor the development of approved projects within the cluster 
  • Handle specific enquiries relating to industry 
  • Coordinate, participate and facilitate the development of respective industries and policies with other ministries and agencies 
  • Participate in workshops and strategy sessions organised by other agencies, e.g. MITI, MIDA, BNM, MOF, State Governments, etc. 
  • Establish and foster good working relationship with relevant Government agencies/authorities, industry players, investors and other related stakeholders 

Manage and prepare paperwork for: 

  • Industrial Park Management Committee 
  • ECER Incentive Package for incentive approval on complex application 
  • Ad hoc management papers related to Investments and cross-divisional efforts. 

Establish and foster good working relationship with relevant government agencies/authorities, industry associations and external agencies. 


  • Possess a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree in Business Administration / Accounting / Finance / Economics or any other related disciplines from a recognized University. 
  • Minimum eight (8) years working experience in investor management in either manufacturing, property, agriculture, food & beverages or other related sectors. 
  • Strong networking is an added advantage 
  • High integrity, ethics and professionalism.