Empowering the Rakyat to Share in the Region’s Prosperity

While ECERDC works towards achieving macro-economic goals by driving investments and development in the Region, our primary focus remains the rakyat. The aim of our efforts is to enable the local communities to participate in and contribute to the economic growth of the ECER, thereby uplifting the socio-economic status of the rakyat.

Programmes such as empower ECER (Academic), empower ECER (Skills & Entrepreneurship), and entrepreneur ECER are changing the lives of individuals and communities in the Region, enabling them to grasp job and entrepreneurial opportunities to achieve greater prosperity.

empower ECER (Academic) enables underprivileged students to reach their potential through structured classes and enrichment programmes. This programme takes a community-based approach involving local leaders, local universities and NGOs to encourage and create a supportive environment. ECERDC’s partners in this programme include Dialog Group (MyKasih Foundation).

An important strategy to help the rakyat enjoy a better quality of life is to enable the growth of local businesses. The empower ECER and entrepreneur ECER programmes help small entrepreneurs to formalise their micro and small businesses, provide continuous advisory services and consultation, monitor progress to ensure their business sustainability, provide assistance to obtain capital for growth and expansion, and facilitate efforts to obtaining certifications and digitalisation.

The ECER Talent Enhancement Programme (ETEP) is a key initiative in developing skilled workforce among local graduates to meet the demand of high-technology industries. ETEP is a collaboration between ECERDC and investors to help local graduates gain valuable skills and work experience through on-the-job training. To learn more, click here.

ECERDC’s programmes are tailor-made based on district-level requirements especially on demands created by investors’ manpower needs as well as community segments (for example, Orang Asli, single mothers and youths). This is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take part in driving and sustaining the Region’s socio-economic transformation.


Helping students to improve their academic performance to enable a brighter future

Market-focused training that enables participants to participate in the wider economy

Facilitating businesses to scale up to become Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)