Adopt modern approach for displays, museums told

10/22/2012 — New Straits Times

PEKAN: Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah reminded the people that appreciation of artefacts and historical records played a vital role in creating a culturally rich nation.
“Appreciation of historical writings and relics can make us a nation of high knowledge, civilised and with high culture.
“Information about past societies can be derived from the study of ancient artefacts and cultural practices,” he said during a rebranding ceremony of the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, here, yesterday.
“Museums are institutions that store ancient history and all information in written form such as stories, poetry, fables, songs and phrases.”
Sultan Ahmad Shah said the methods employed by a museum to display and inform the public about history should change in accordance with developments.
“Museums need to be transformed through the process of rebranding so that they do not merely store and preserve historical items, but also adopt a high-technology approach to displaying artefacts.”
He hoped that the rebranding would turn the museum into a landmark for public visits and a place of reference for students and other seekers of knowledge.
Sultan Ahmad Shah said Istana Kota Beram became Sultan Abu Bakar Museum on Oct 21, 1976.
“Today’s rebranding is meaningful as it is held in conjunction with my upcoming 82nd birthday.”
The sultan also thanked the Federal Government and East Coast Economic Region Development Corporation for enabling the project to materialise.
Yesterday’s rebranding was also held in conjunction with the national-level International Museum Day 2012.

Present were Sultanah of Pahang Sultanah Kalsom, Tengku Mahkota of Pahang Tengku Abdullah and Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob.