ECER Bids to Boost Lake Kenyir Fish Farming

MALAYSIA – Terengganu Agrotech Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
(TADC) has set a target to increase fish farming production from 200
tonnes to 2,000 tonnes by the end of the year.
The move is part of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER)’s bid to promote
aquaculture in Lake Kenyir.
According to reports in Mercapesca TADC executive director Adnan Ghazali
believes the target of increasing production 10 fold can be reached by getting
more entrepreneurs involved in the lake’s aquaculture programme.
The project is geared towards attracting entrepreneurs as well as boosting the
incomes of the poor in the region.
TADC, who have been charged with developing fish farming in the region by the
state government, is aiming to have 2,000 fish cages installed in Lake Kenyir by
the end of the year, with each cage providing a tonne of fish.