ECER Projects To Spur Mersing's Development

6/10/2009 — BERNAMA
Mersing will be developed as a tourism destination and gateway to the Mersing group of islands under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) master plan.
In a statement today, the ECER Development Council’s chief executive officer, Datuk Jebasingam Issace John said five projects had been identified under the ECER master plan and which are expected to stimulate Mersing’s economy by 2020.
He said, according to the ECER master plan, Mersing had great potential for ecotourism, mainland coastal tourism and island tourism.
“To increase entrepreneurial opportunities, several social and human capital development initiatives will be introduced. These ECER projects are interrelated and will enhance the region’s dynamism,” he said.
Mersing’s coastal area will be transformed into an integrated tourism destination through the development of coastal resorts and hotels, a new commercial business area as well as a jetty complex for island hopping activities.
The project will involve land reclamation of about 2,000 acres on the seafront side of Mersing Town, to be developed as an integrated resort featuring waterfront homes, hotels as well as a new commercial and business area.
A new jetty complex has also been proposed to house a passenger ferry jetty, a fishing jetty and a marina.
Mersing town,the established gateway for the Mersing group of islands as well as Pulau Tioman in Pahang, boasts of many attractive, unspoiled beaches along its coastline.
It is also the main ecotourism gateway for the Endau Rompin National Park.