Malaysia's East Coast Offers Vast Prospects Eco-Tourism Industry

9/9/2010 — BERNAMA
Malaysia’s east coast offers vast prospects for investors to tap into the rapidly-growing eco-tourism and sports tourism, says Terengganu State Executive Councillor Toh Chin Yaw.
He said the east coast comprising Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu was blessed with natural attractions like sandy beaches, scenic islands, hills and lush greenery forests.
“There is also potential for sea tourism as the east coast is the best destination for sea travelling. For example, in Terengganu, we have the world’s top endurance sports park,” he told BERNAMA on the sidelines of the 14th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT 2010) here Thursday.
The four-day fair started yesterday.
Toh is a member of the Malaysian delegation representing Terengganu state in the East Coast Economic Region Development Council investment mission to Xiamen.
The Terengganu state government was hosting international sports events to boost eco-tourism and woo tourists to the East Coast, said Toh, who is also  state Industry, Trade and Environment committee chairman. “In Terengganu, we organise the  biennial World Gamelan (Javanese Orchestra) Festival, World Squid Jigging Competition and many more events to woo tourists.
“In doing so, we hope to attract more investments to the eco-tourism industry. As such, investors should seize the opportunity to tap into the rapidly-growing industry,” he said.
Toh said delicious food and unique Malaysian culture are also “pull factors” for tourists and investors to the east coast.
Easy accessibility by air and road are also a “plus point” to woo investments to the region.
On the investment mission to Xiamen, Toh said it would benefit the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) as investors in China are showing good response.
“We held a few meetings with the Chinese business community and the governors of Fujian and Henan showed keen interest. It’s a fruitful trip and will benefit  Malaysia,” he added.