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Rural Entrepreneur Making Difference to the Community

The empower ECER Special Entrepreneur Award: Orang Asli category winner

Lemah d/o Pendek stood out as a participant of the empower ECER programme because of her sheer determination and gift, travelling more than 45 minutes each way to attend the training sessions. Her interest in providing bridal services. Coupled with desire to improve her family’s livelihood drove lemah to work hard at expanding her expertise and services.

Soon enough, her reputation extended beyond her Orang  Asli village to t=other neighbouring states, and her business grew by leaps and bounds. From being just another member of her community struggling to make ends meet, lemah now uses the three cars and van she acquired to provide transportation to those in her village, lemah is proof that this up-skilling programme has caused ripple effects that extended far beyond the individual involved.