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Key Development Areas

The ECER’s 7 Key Development Areas (KDA) or Nodes have been established to accelerate the Region’s development. Each Node represents a major population centre and a resource rich area.

Using a concentrated decentralization strategy, these Nodes were developed to attract private investments into specific areas. This enables the Government to optimise the use of resources to further catalyse economic activities in targeted regions, with equal emphasis on rural and urban development. The dynamic economic ecosystems being created in this manner has successfully created new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, which in turn facilitates rural-urban integration.

With this focused development approach, the Government is able to prioritise resources to implement strategic and high-impact projects and programmes and create optimal benefits for investors and rakyat in the Region. The successful development of these Nodes has catalysed growth and transformed the socio-economic profile of the Region, successfully creating thousands of new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for local communities.