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Master Plan 2.0

The first ECER Master Plan 2008-2020 (EMP1.0) was formulated as a basis to guide the development of the ECER. It was officially launched in 2007, marking the formation of the ECER.

The EMP1.0 outlines the strategies for implementing key projects and programmes to transform the Region into an investment destination of choice. It also created the framework for the ECER’s integrated development model, which includes continuous delivery of high-impact infrastructure projects, close collaboration with the private sector to facilitate investment, attractive investment incentives, as well as human capital development programmes across urban and rural areas.

ECER Master Plan 2008-2020 (EMP 1.0)

ECER Master Plan2.0: The Next Leap 2018-2025 (EMP 2.0)

The ECER Master Plan 2.0: The Next Leap 2018-2025 (EMP 2.0) was launched in 2019 to continue ECER’s drive into its next leap of growth, with a development framework that leverages the ECER’s strategic position as the Gateway to Asean and Asia Pacific. The EMP2.0 outlines key strategies, high-impact projects inclusive of people-centric programmes that are geared towards helping the Region move up the value chain, with a particular focus on making ECER the Industry 4.0 hub for the Asia Pacific region.

The aim is to sustain the Region’s transformation into a Distinctive, Dynamic and Competitive region by 2025 and beyond.






ECER’s mission consists of six primary thrusts, each with specific key indicators that can be used to measure the level of achievement.

The primary thrust are as follows:

  • To move the economy up the value chain
  • To raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation
  • To address socio-economic inequalities constructively and productively
  • To improve the standard and sustainability of quality of life
  • To strengthen the institutional and implementation capacity
  • To conserve the environment and preserve the culture

Download the EMP2.0 to see how its comprehensive framework capitalises on the unique strengths and resources of each ECER state, to enhance the Region’s competitiveness, add value to investors and improve the livelihood of the rakyat.