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An established player in Malaysia’s oil, gas and petrochemical industry, Terengganu is fast carving new niches for itself in sectors such as bioeconomy and agribusiness. The state is experiencing robust socio-economic development on the back of high-impact projects and programmes such as the Kertih Biopolymer Park, Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC), Kemaman Heavy Industrial Park, as well as Terengganu Island Tourism.

Other key economic clusters in Terengganu include manufacturing, agribusiness, and human capital development.

The state is set to attract a targeted RM26 billion in private investments by 2025, projected to create 36,600 job opportunities for the rakyat and 15,550 new entrepreneurs among the locals.

Projects & Programmes

Completed Projects / Programmes

  1. Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC)
    Drawbridge and first-level infrastructure for Muara Utara and Muara Selatan
  2. Kuala Terengganu Airport – KTCC Road
    3.8km of new road
  3. Kertih Biopolymer Park
  4. Kemaman Heavy Industry Park
  5. Kuala Berang Sheep Breeding & Innovation Centre
  6. Pasir Raja Herbal Integrated Cluster Development
  7. Besut-Setiu Agropolitan
  8. Telaga Papan Goat Multiplier & Commercial Farm
  9. Terengganu Islands Tourism: Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Pulau Perhentian Besar, Pulau Kapas, Pulau Lang Tengah & Pulau Redang
    Upgrading of Infrastructure, i.e. jetty, boardwalk, drainage system and public amenities
  10. Dungun Town Coastal Tourism
    Teluk Lipat Coastal Protection Works (Headlands No. 1-4)

Projects / Programmes In Progress

  1. Kuala Terengganu Airport – KTCC Road
    3.2km of road upgrading
  2. Dungun Town Coastal Tourism
    Teluk Lipat Coastal Protection Works (Headlands No. 5-8)
  3. Terengganu Islands Tourism: Pulau Kapas
    Upgrading of Hybrid Solar System
  4. Human Capital Development Programme
    empower ECER, entrepreneur ECER, ECER Talent Enhancement Programme (ETEP)