Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES)

The Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES) will spearhead the Industry 4.0 revolution in ECER and the ASEAN region. Based in Cybercentre in Pahang Technology Park, ACES is a joint initiative of ECERDC and TUM International GmbH, a world leader in developing and operating scientific and industrial sites as well as technology transfer centres.

Technology-intensive investors or companies seeking to transition to Industry 4.0 technologies will find that ECER is well-positioned to support their ambitions, through ACES. ACES’ next-generation facilities and global network of over 1,000 IR4.0 industry experts give investors tremendous access to a global knowledge base and expertise.

The broader vision for ACES is for it to be a thought leader for smart technology implementation for the entire region, supporting businesses to maximise digitally-driven opportunities. Through strategic partnerships between industry, academia and government, ACES will be a regional hub providing wide-ranging Industry 4.0 solutions including advisory, consulting and training services for businesses in Malaysia, ASEAN and Asia.

Visit the ACES website, for more information about opportunities and services available: