New Growth Opportunities

The strategies laid out in The ECER Master Plan 2.0: The Next Leap 2018-2025 (EMP 2.0) will ensure ECER’s continued growth, spurred by a productivity-driven mindset suitable for Industry 4.0. At the forefront of this change are the micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs in ECER, who play a key role in boosting investment growth.

Investors who set up new, technology-intensive manufacturing in ECER can also leverage on its fast-developing trade and transportation infrastructure, attractive incentive packages, abundant land for investment, competitive costs, and the ever-growing reach of utility services. To further ensure the long-term sustainability of technology-driven industries in the Region,  local talents are being trained and upskilled through numerous Industry 4.0 programmes provided by ACES.

As the economy grows in ECER, there are ample opportunities for foreign and domestic companies to develop smart applications and processes for the market. Together with the rise of IR4.0-related applications, ECER presents many blue ocean opportunities for companies developing smart and networked technologies that enable Manufacturing 4.0, as well as new segments such as Agriculture 4.0, Logistics 4.0 and Government 4.0.