Logistics and Services

Strategic Infrastructure Development To Catalyse Growth

Logistics and Services is a new economic cluster identified under the ECER Master Plan 2.0 (EMP2.0) as a key enabler for socio-economic growth of ECER. Enhancing the Logistics and Services cluster will also enhance the last-mile connectivity for goods and services across the Region and the Peninsula, further stimulate trade, increase business efficiency and spur economic growth across the Region.

An efficient logistics sector is important as it facilitates trade, reduces the cost of doing business and
contributes to enhancing the productivity of the economy. Growth in the Logistics and Services sector will also stimulate the local economy by creating new jobs and business opportunities for the rakyat.

The expected wave of growth in this sector presents great opportunities to investors in the Logistics and Services sector itself. Growth opportunities in ECER abound as Malaysia aspires to be among the top 20 countries in the Logistics Performance Index. The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project will further enhance the Region’s competitiveness and seals its position as the Gateway to the Asia Pacific markets.


Hight-impact infrastructure projects ensure that investors in ECER are well-connected within the country and beyond.


High quality utility services such as electricity and water supply support the growth of ECER’s manufacturing cluster. This includes high-speed broadband coverage in order to accelerate the adoption of the digital economy and industry 4.0.


Foreign and domestic investors are finding ECER to be the preferred investment destination due to, amongst other things, its strategic location and business-friendly government policies.