KESEDAR And State Govt Discuss Land For ECER Programme

9/24/2009 — BERNAMA
The South Kelantan Development Authority (KESEDAR) has set up a committee with the state government concerning land approval at a 960-hectare site in Rantau Manis to relocate 1,000 hardcore poor under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) programme.
KESEDAR chairman Datuk Ramzi Abdul Rahman said discussions were being held with the state government due to the overlapping of rights to the land concerned.
“We will make an announcement when the matter is settled. Now we have set up a committee between KESEDAR and the state government to discuss the matter,” Ramzi told Bernama here today.
“I do not want to explain further as the matter is under discussion. Later we will announce the results,” he said.
A report last month said that KESEDAR was waiting for approval from the state government to relocate 1,000 hardcore poor at the 960-hectare site in Rantau Manis under the ECER programme.
The ECER is expected to attract investment worth RM112 billion over a 12-year period, starting from 2008 to 2020.
Apart from developing the region, ECER is also committed towards eradicating poverty by 2010 in line with the government’s objective.
Ramzi said 10 houses had been built early this year as part of the pioneer agropolitan project while another 990 houses were awaiting land approval.
He expressed confidence that those participating in the programme would be able to earn more than RM1,000 each month. — BERNAMA