Malaysia’s Kertih Plastic Park, developed under the East Coast Economic
Region (ECER), is well positioned to attract more investments, as per the
Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA). The park has been set
up as the first and only specialised industrial park in the country focusing on the
plastics industry, reflecting the importance of the plastics industry to Malaysia’s
economy. The park can be used as a production hub for plastic products meant
for exports. The main attraction at the park is its proximity to the resin production
plants in Kertih, Terengganu, and Kuantan, Pahang, resulting in substantial
savings on transportation costs. In addition, plastics manufacturers could
leverage on the existing Eastern Corridor incentives to enhance their
Attractive land cost also offer competitive advantage- Land cost at the park is
about RM5 per square foot which is several times lower when compared to the
land cost of between RM20 and RM60 in states like Selangor, Johor and Penang
Setting up of plastics park will further value-add and extend the oil, gas and
petrochemical value chain, via downstream manufacturing of plastics products
and integration with related plants and services within the existing Petronas
Petroleum Industry Complex.
Investors in the park will be able to reap economies of scale and direct cost
savings through tapping into operational and infrastructural synergies at site and
obtaining “just-in-time” raw materials supply. The park’s development will also be
supported by world- class research and development (R&D) input from the
Petronas Polymer Technology Centre.