M’sia to plant more pineapples

Jan 4, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Pineapple farming will be given a renewed focus under the plantation
blueprint outlined in new growth corridors such as the Eastern Corridor Economic Region

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shariff Omar
said pineapples were among the fruits given priority under the National Agriculture Policy
(1998-2010) and the ministry’s Balance of Trade (BOT) plan.

At present, the annual domestic production of pineapples stands at 300,000 tonnes
grown on over 15,000ha of land.

Under the BOT plan, the target is to produce one million tonnes by 2010 from an
additional 50,000ha.

Malaysia now exports about RM40mil worth of fresh pineapples and another RM50mil in
canned pineapple annually, mainly to West Asian countries.

“The pineapple industry is Malaysia’s oldest agro-based, export-oriented industry, dating
back to 1888.

“The current domestic per capita consumption of fresh pineapples is about 7.8kg a year.

“Therefore, about 156,000 tonnes of fresh pineapple is required to meet the domestic

“Due to the shortage of the fruit, processing companies like Lee Pineapple Cannery and
The Pineapple Canneries of Malaysia are only able to operate at 40% milling capacity,”
one industry observer said.

The ECER will have a pineapple integrated development project covering 7,400ha in
Pekan and Rompin in Pahang.The overall development will also generate cattle feed from
the skin of pineapples that have been processed.

The nucleus farm concept to be adopted will involve the private sector and smallholders.