Plan for 10ha fishermen’s settlement in Kelantan

THE Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) will develop a new 10ha fishermen’s
settlement involving the construction of 300 houses in Tok Bali, Kelantan, as part of its East Coast
Economic Region (ECER) initiatives.

“Of these 300 homes, 200 are funded by the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development and the
balance through the Fishermen’s Fund,” LKIM director-general Mustafa Ahmad said in a statement

Tok Bali’s deepsea fishing port will play a key role in the development of fisheries-based activities
within the ECER.

Currently catering largely to fishing fleets operating in the South China Sea, it will also expand to
local marine catch and land-based aquaculture production.

Tok Bali has been earmarked for an integrated fisheries complex which will include a 400-metre
wharf on the left bank of Sungai Semerak and an offshore fishing platform to cater to local and
foreign offshore vessels.

The location of the Tok Bali Integrated Fisheries Park as a potential fisheries hub, will establish the
critical mass required to optimise prices. It will also contain an industrial fish-processing park
immediately adjacent to the landing area.

ECER’s fisheries industry supported 22,504 fishermen (25 per cent of the national total), 5,995
fishing vessels (17 per cent) and 5,995 licensed gear (16 per cent) in 2004.

Total landings in the waterways amounted to 355,627 tonnes valued at RM1.086 billion.

— Business Times Online