PM to launch ECER Development Council on Saturday

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will launch the East Coast
Economic Region (ECER) Development Council this Saturday.
The launch of the council, to be held at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, will create a
one-stop centre to ensure the smooth implementation of policies and the
development of projects identified in the ECER master plan, the ECER secretariat
said yesterday.
“The event will see the introduction of a slew of attractive incentives to boost
participation from local and foreign investors in the ECER initiative,” it said in a
According to the secretariat, the incentives are expected to be location-specific,
targeted at developing specific industry clusters within the ECER to increase
productivity and help companies compete nationally and globally.
“Each industry cluster consisting tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, as
well as education, will have its own set of incentives specifically tailored to the
ECER’s needs,” it said.
The council is tasked with the responsibility to stimulate, promote and accelerate the
growth of the ECER in an equitable and sustainable manner, the secretariat said.
— Bernama