ECERDC was formed with the mandate to spur socio-economic development of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER). The goal is to achieve balanced regional development and improve the Rakyat’s standard of living and close the rural-urban gap. 

ECERDC’s role is to accelerate the implementation of strategic high impact projects and programmes. This is done by complementing existing Federal and State Government efforts through a consultative and collaborative approach to ensure all stakeholder issues are addressed and the particular regional needs are met. The aim is to enable all Rakyat to enjoy the fruits of the Region’s economic growth, and that no community is left behind specifically the B40, youth, women, and Orang Asli communities.

The socio-economic progress of the Region is due to a robust economic ecosystem built on three pillars: private investment, project implementation and human capital development. ECERDC plays several roles in this total value-creation model as the key strategic enabler of progress in the Region.

ECERDC’s roles and responsibilities in developing the Region are enshrined in Act 688, which provides for the coordination between ECERDC and Government agencies in matters regarding socio-economic development activities within ECER.

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