ECER Enters UK Halal Market

5/15/2009 — BERNAMA
Four halal product entrepreneurs from the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) have successfully penetrated the fast growing United Kingdom (UK) halal market.
The companies are Muslim Best Food Industries, GTHerb Industries, Maduria Industries and RMZ Marketing.
The companies are exploring the export of food and beverage products to the UK through the Malaysia Trading House, which is operating in London, the ECER secretariat said in a statement today.
The Malaysia Trading House, initiated by Konsortium Usahawan Makanan dan Industri Asas Tani Sdn Bhd (Komita), is a one-stop trading centre displaying an array of quality halal products from Malaysia.
“The UK halal market offers huge opportunities for Malaysian entrepreneurs, as more Muslim and non-Muslim consumers here, are buying halal products from supermarket chains and other outlets,” said Komita’s chairman, Sheikh Ahmad Dusuki Sheikh Mohamad.
In response to the increasing demand for halal products, Sheikh Ahmad said that Malaysia Trading House provides the platform for local halal entrepreneurs to enter and explore the UK and European market.
“Through this initiative, we aim to become a leading halal supermarket in London, as well as in Europe,” he added.
Located in the historic Borough district in central London, the Malaysia Trading House is promoting products from 52 Malaysian companies, ranging from halal food and beauty products, to household and craft items.
The UK halal market is worth around 2.8 billion pounds (1.00 = RM5.39).
There are two million Muslims in the UK but according to the UK Food Safety Authority, there are six million consumers of halal food nationwide.
According to Sheikh Ahmad, Komita also plans to open similar trading houses in Casablanca, Morocco, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Under the ECER master plan, Pasir Mas and Pengkalan Chepa in Kelantan, Chendering in Terengganu and Gambang in Pahang, have been identified for development as halal parks.